Due to the rapid increase of stone & gold pricing, the prices shown on our website are not quotations for backorders.
For more information, please visit our FAQ page

About online ordering & our website

Updated 07/25/2023

Creating an account


Super Bell Jewelry only sells at wholesale to qualified members of the jewelry trade. SBJ may request business information such as a seller's permit, resale certificate, JBT information or other proof of business.

To qualify for an website account, any customer must have already reached a minimum of $5,000* from the past 12 months (*subject to change, and subject to change by region)


To maintain access to the website, any customer must continue to reach the $5,000 minimum on a rolling past 12 month basis.


Please do not share your credentials with anyone outside of your company and outside of the trade. Web access will be revoked if so.



Website inventory


SBJ updates its website inventory with new items regularly. There is a "New" section on the website where you can view our new merchandise.



Using our product photos


We allow customers to download and use our photos to market SBJ merchandise, but we do expect customers to purchase the items first.

  • Our photos cannot be shared with any 3rd parties that do not purchase from SBJ
  • SBJ has the right to revoke web access to anyone who violates our policy



Browsing items / adding items to your cart


Checking stock availability:

As we have over 40,000 skus, SBJ is not able to keep everything in stock. However, our website shows which items we have in stock, and how many of them*. If you want to order stock only, customers are able to filter to see items only in items that are in stock.

*Please keep in mind that high volume of inventory and daily sales, our quantity levels are only about 90% accurate. 


Items that are "In Production":

If you see that an item is "In Production", this means that we have some coming for our stock. The timeline for these can range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on when production started.

If you would like to reserve an item from our upcoming production, please go ahead and place the order for it.


Customizing an item:

Our rings are stocked in size 6.5 and most of our bangles are stocked in 17cm. All other sizes will need to be back ordered.

If you would like to request customization of an item (including ring size), please type your request in the "Customization Request" section of the product page, and add that item to your cart.

A deposit may be required for customized items and pricing will vary.


Placing your online order


Upon checkout, you will be able to choose your shipping address and shipping method*

For items that are in stock: You will also be able to select if SBJ can automatically ship items in stock, or if you would like to review the order again before shipping.

For items that are not in stock: You will be able to select if you would like SBJ to automatically place a back order, or if you would like to review the order again before committing**.


Any special comments can also be added to the "Comments" section of check out.


After you check out, you should receive an automated order confirmation email sent to your email registered to your online account.


All orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. (This timing may be delayed if merchandise is at a tradeshow.) After processed, a Customer Service Representative will contact you via email with an update to your order. Emails will be sent to the email on your registered online account.


*Actual shipping charges may vary from what is shown on the website, depending on final weight and cost of order, or if shipping internationally or to Hawaii.

** When approving a back order, you will be approving to back order any item that is not actually in stock (even if it shows quantity levels on the website). An email confirmation will be sent to you, in which case you will have 3 business days to cancel or revise.


Website pricing


We try to keep our pricing as updated as possible. For the most part, the price on the website will be the current price for stock items. Please allow for some variances.

*Surcharges may be implemented (on top of prices shown) as needed based on SBJ policy. Surcharge information is updated on our SBJ FAQ page here.


Prices on the website are not exact quotations for backorders, as backorder prices depend on daily gold levels.


Back orders production & timing


Timing for back orders are usually between 5-7 weeks. Custom orders may take a bit longer than regular items.

During high volume times like the holidays, production may take 6-8 weeks. 


*Due to COVID-19, production issues may occur and may cause delays.

*Please make sure to factor in long holiday closures like Chinese New Year, which is typically in January/February.


Returns & exchanges


Please review our return policy here.